In Milan, Italy this week for a Deus Ex Machina conference. Excited to see the new work coming out of the brand and to hear them talk about what makes this brand so exciting. Had a lot of free time on the airlplanes to work on the iPad, I’m trying to come up with some bike concepts and also ideas for future paintings.

Batgirl. This is not an inktober, this is from an old similar project I did called 30 works 30 days as a part of an art collective called 12o Collective. They made a zeen featuring artists who participated in the 30 works 30 days project. This is kind of a personal favorite.

Another #inktober from a few days ago. Also started as a doodle in my Sketchbook and finshed on the ipad.

Sudsy #inktober with egg for hydration

Another #inktober drawing. Inspired by the Dahlia’s, a women’s motorcycle club in Detroit! (And if they ever partnered with Deus Ex Machina, what a perfect combo!)

Check out the Dahlia’s here:

And Deus Ex Machina here:

Rat Love process shots. I actually started this one in my sketchbook and finished it on the ipad.

So this month I’m doing #inktober drawings! 31 drawings, 1 a day for all of October, and I think it was initially created for instagram but now I see it shared on facebook and other platforms as well. There are prompts for each day BUT seeing as how I find them a little limiting I just draw whatever I feel. You can find all the drawings on my instagram, of course, but I’m going to be choosing a few of them to share here with some of their process shots as well!

Was looking through some old work and picked out a few Birthday Cards I’ve made for my family over the years. Sometimes they get pretty weird…

Recently decided to explore interiors as a subject for some drawings. I was getting inspired by some of work being done at Shinola in how they take their store experience so seriously. Small details, textures, colors and patterns play a huge role in the comfort of a space. I wanted to explore spaces that were both comfortable, delightful and yet minimal in their shapes.