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Martyna Alexander


Graphic Designer, Artist


Detroit, MI


Hi, thank you for stopping in and checking out my work. I currently work at Shinola Detroit as a Senior Digital Designer but I am am also an artist that draws and designs digitally and in real life. I like exploring surrealism and making the mundane in bold. I usually try to incorporate those kinds of concepts into my illustrative work while using very simple materials and techniques.

I most enjoy projects where I can marry clean loose elements together, this is where digital design and my hand drawn work come into play in a very juxaposed fashion.

For my less-purposeful and more spontaneous endeavors check out the Blog section of my site. That's where I post a lot of my 'after-hours' drawings and old projects.

Thanks again!



Art & Design

University of Michigan School of Art and Design

Ann Arbor, MI · – 2012